86ers!  WE DID THAT!!!!

What an INCREDIBLE weekend!!!  We're getting calls, messages, etc with comments.  We don't mind at all...  We're here to keep you informed to avoid any confusion.  If you still have any questions, please let us know!  

1. What did my $86 cover?
Friday night.  Caterer, Favors, DJ, Band, Linen, chair covers, etc.
2. Food was brought to my table slow.  Why is that?
Family style dinners are served once everyone is seated.  Because of the joy and excitement of seeing each other, nobody really sat down for a while…   The Committee planned to eat fast and continue with the program portion of the reunion while you finished eating…  that didn’t go so well.
3. How can we get our pictures that the Photographer took?
Pictures will be posted on his website on Wednesday.  http://www.orsphotos.com
4. What about the pics from the lady taking photos?  Can we buy them?
She was hired and paid by the committee specifically to get photos for the yearbook.  After we complete the reunion section of the book, we will gladly release what we don’t use.
5. Why didn’t you guys allow everyone to attend the White Party?
Everyone who responded by the deadline of July 19th had an opportunity to attend.   Quite a few responded no and maybe.   As with any event, the “Maybe” becomes “No” after the deadline.   Only those that reached out to us for an exception missed out on a chance to attend the white party because we filled up on the 19th.  We definitely didn’t want to keep anyone from attending their 30th Reunion, and we would never intentionally exclude anyone either.
6. Why didn’t you pick a venue that held more people so everyone could attend?
We could’ve.  Now your cost to attend the Reunion would’ve been $110... When our classmate reached out to us to offer his home, that’s when the idea of a second event was born…  We saw water and saw white..  We didn’t want a regular BBQ like other classes…. (because we’re not other classes)  So in other words..  The venue came to us and we accepted with gratitude.
7. What about Cooper River?
What about bathrooms and air conditioning?   Seriously, crowd control would be impossible at a public park.  Our setting was more intimate.  Besides, Cooper River is for BBQ’s.  We had a cocktail party.
8. Why only finger food?
That’s what’s served at a cocktail party.  Think about what’s served during cocktail hour.  Same thing.. just more hours.
9. So did my $86 cover anything for the White Party?
Not one dime.  We were able to offer that for free because of fundraisers, donations and some personal funds of the committee.
10. When will the Anniversary Book be finished?
The plan is to have it completed by the end of the month.
11. How long does it take to arrive?
3 weeks.
12. Why is it $75?  That seems high.
We believe that the original yearbook was close to $100, but since our parents paid, we didn’t gripe about it.  We are close to 250 pages of all 86ers.  Moments that are special to us.  No under classmen, no faculty, etc, just us.   It also serves as a scholarship fundraiser so we added a few bucks on top.   If you don’t want to participate in this ground breaking fundraiser, that is certainly your choice.  I’m sure someone will let you see and sign theirs though.
13. I have a nice camera and took really good photos during the Reunion Weekend.  Can my photos make it in the book?
That’s VERY possible.  Download the Skipple App and set up an account under Camden High School Alumni…  load them there and let people vote on what they like..    If you have too many, reach out to Lorraine for another option.