Camden High School
Class Reunion Committee
Dream Team

Susan Williams 

Madam President.  Always willing to step up to the challenge. Has a wealth of experience with event planning, organizing and making tough decisions.  This makes the 3rd Class reunion that Susan is responsible for organizing.  She holds office in her Sorority and is very resourceful!
Susan Johnson

Secretary of State.   Keeps the Committee in line and is super organized.   Susan is also known for her excellent decision making and is one of THE best team players on earth.  With being in the Education field for over 20 years, she brings a much needed skill to the team.  
Cheree' Berry

 With over 15 years in Law Enforcement, Cheree is excellent with decision making.  She gives brutal, honest and objective views that are extemely valuable in planning events of this nature.  She helps keep the team in line and on task...  Never afraid to ask the tough questions and is great at playing devils's advocate!
Lorraine Johnson-Curtis

GEEK!  Raine is responsible for creating and maintaining our class website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.  She is also our Social Media Communications Liason.  Raine helps the team work efficiently by utilizing technology to it's fullest!  With 20 years experience as a Sr. Systems Analyst and social butterly, she feels right at home in this role.. Her value to the team speaks for itself.
Larry Cohen

Communications Liason.   Larry  "The Class Mayor", is excellent with maintaining communications with our classmates.  He also backs up Lorraine as our other Social Media Guru/Geek.  Larry keeps the team on their toes and brings some of the best, fresh ideas to the table.  Larry brings close to 25 years of IT experience to the table and is an excellent communicator and decision maker.